Galvanized steel strip quotation

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About us:
Yongxin Precision Materials (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is the first supplier in China to develop, produce and sell chrome-plated steel strips. Its chrome-plated steel strip products have national invention patents. With more than 20 years of production experience, we have an excellent team of employees and excellent product quality. It enjoys a high reputation in the cable and cable industry. The market share is over 20%. Obtained the famous trademark certificate of Jiangsu Province of China and the certificate of Wuxi Famous Brand Product.
Common problem:
Q1. What products do you have in addition to chrome-plated steel strips?
A: We not only have many years of production and sales of chrome-plated steel strips for optical cables, but also precision cold-rolled steel strips and precision stainless steel strips for rechargeable battery base belts.
Q2. What kind of industry is the chrome-plated steel strip mainly used in?
Answer: Cable and fiber cable protective cover shielding sleeve. There are also gaskets and mechanical stampings.Galvanized steel strip quotation

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